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YouTube Pre-Roll Marketing – Lead Generation Advertising For Law Firms

Allow YouTube Video Marketing To Help Your Law Firm Make A Lasting Impression.

  • 100% exclusive MVA leads generated via YouTube
  • Uses behavioral Intent based data that is AI generated from Big Data companies
  • Tracks people in the target market/s online as going to hospital websites, other treatment pages, auto insurance pages and other behaviors that a victim would be doing
  • Only the pre-qualified leads are sent to the firm
YouTube Advertising For Lawyers

YouTube Video Lead Generation Advertising For Law Firms

Millions upon millions of regular people visit and watch YouTube each day, and most of these digital video views come from handheld devices with internet access. The massive quantity of views represents an untapped source of possible customers, both sitting at home on the sofa and standing in a line at a local retail store. You have the power to determine how many local viewers see your law firm ad and find your law office.

You will find several benefits using YouTube to disseminate your video advertisements. Because Google owns YouTube, video content created on YouTube or Google can be displayed on the other platform.

YouTube Advertising
YouTube Advertising

Suppose your law firm chooses to begin using Google Ads, the online advertising service for Google.

In that case, you only pay when a viewer makes the active decision to select your video ad or chooses to watch your video ad after the video has played for more than thirty seconds. With Google Ads, law firms connect with potential law leads in a memorable way by sharing video ads based on where the video viewer is located and what types of topics interest them at this moment in time.

Google Ads utilizes an advertising format called TrueView

Google Ads utilizes an advertising format called TrueView, which allows people watching your law firm ads to interact with the video. A TrueView ad enables a viewer to skip through any ads after 5 seconds have played, along with other popular options. A TrueView ad can appear on smartphones, mobile devices and desktop computers when a YouTube user accesses the platform or another Google affiliate website. In addition, the videos can appear on Google, YouTube, and any one of 2 million Google Display Network websites.

YouTube Advertising

We recommend these main video targeting options:

  • Remarketing
  • Interest-based audiences
  • Demographic targeting

Remarketing videos involves playing your video ads on Google Display Network websites and appropriate apps to individuals who have:

  • Visited your website
  • Watched your videos
  • Provided any feedback, like a thumbs-up
  • Subscribed to your law firm YouTube channel

YouTube video advertising to interest-based audiences requires that the Law Results digital marketing team reach potential clients based on individual interests, such as:

  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Road Trips
Even if the person visits a web page related to a different topic on the Google Display Network, this targeting comes into play.

YouTube demographic targeting allows the Law Results team to display ads to people on the Google Display Network who fit into specific demographic categories like:

  • Primary language
  • Geographical location

Google Ads allows users to customize their TrueView video ad campaigns and control when and where videos appear. Ads come in two formats: in-display and in-stream.

YouTube Advertising

In-stream video ads appear before a selected video,

In-stream video ads appear before a selected video, during the video, or after a video has played. Therefore, you will only be charged if someone watches 30+ seconds of your law firm video, watches the entirety of your law firm’s YouTube ad, or actively clicks on the YouTube video or any banners and website text.

With a TrueView video in-display ad, your video ad will be promoted when a potential target is browsing videos on YouTube or another Google Display Network website. Your law firm will be charged when someone clicks on your video ad and starts to watch the video. The results appear alongside regular YouTube videos, in video search results, and on Google Display Network websites.

All YouTube video ads go through a rigorous Google approval process to ensure the video is safe and suitable for targeted users.

The YouTube video platform is a vast untapped lead source for any business, including law firms and legal services. A powerful resource is available to achieve quality leads for lawyers by adequately utilizing the platform. Our Law Results team of Google Certified Professionals is happy to help you through:

  • YouTube Ad Campaign Setup
  • YouTube Ad Campaign Optimization
  • YouTube Ad Campaign Maintenance
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We would love to help you get the information you need.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to start acquiring leads for your law office by corralling the power of YouTube video ads.